If you are living in Australia or visiting Australia and you are a big fan of golf, then you really must pay a visit to the Shortland Waters Golf Club in Newcastle, New South Wales. We guarantee that this golf course will go down as one of the most beautiful and spectacular golf courses that you have ever had the honor to play on. The 18 holes are surrounded by some of the most majestic scenery that you could imagine.


Becoming a Member

If you are living in Newcastle and love your golf, then it is definitely worth considering becoming a member at Shortland Waters Golf Club. Whether you are a novice or an experienced golfer, you will be welcomed with open arms. There are a couple of different ways that you can apply to become a member at this golf club. One way is to head on over to the golf club and inform a member of staff that you would like to apply to become a member. They will give you some forms to fill in, you will pay the membership fees, and you will be a new member.

The other way is to download the membership form from their official website, print it off and fill it in, and then scan it back to them. You will then be requested to pay the membership fee online. If you want, there is the option of paying the membership fee in installments instead of all at once.

So, what are the membership fees at Shortland Waters Golf Club? Well, we have listed them underneath for you:

  • Colt Membership (18-23) - $250
  • Junior Membership (5-17) - $100
  • Social Golf Membership - $200
  • Sub-Junior Membership - $50
  • Veteran Membership - $250
  • Country Membership - $475
  • Pay as You Play Membership - $350


A Fantastic Clubhouse

Shortland Waters Golf Club has recently been refurbished and the new clubhouse is outstanding. The owners wanted the golf club to be more than a golf club, they wanted it to be a place where everyone feels welcome. At the clubhouse you can enjoy some cold bevvies while watching a wide variety of sports. The most popular golf tournaments will be shown Live on big screens and the tables will be equipped with a tablet that will feature guides on how to bet on the specific betting tournmanet being screened. They have recently partnered with an Irish sportsbook comparison site and this is where the tablets will come in. You will be able to follow Bet in Ireland’s British Open Betting Guide which will be constantly updated throughout the tournament.

If you work up an appetite after a round of golf, then head on over to the clubhouse and you will be able to enjoy some of the best food that you have ever eaten at a golf club. Their bistro is open for lunch Monday to Saturday from 11.30-14.00 and for dinner Tuesday to Friday from 17.30-20.00. You can also go to the bistro for breakfast and tea on a Saturday morning from 9.00 until noon. It is closed all day on a Sunday. They only hire experienced and talented chefs, so you can be certain that the food that you will eat will be nothing but delicious. You can then wash all of your food down with some of the best wines that Australia has to offer.

Want to Learn How to Play Golf?

Golf is a popular sport that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. The game involves hitting a small ball into a series of holes on a course, using various clubs and techniques to navigate around the obstacles.

If you’re new to golf, it can be helpful to seek guidance from experienced players or instructors. We would like to thank TalkGolf for their valuable assistance in creating this guide to golf. Their expertise and passion for the game have been instrumental in helping us to provide accurate and useful information for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

If you’re looking for a place to play golf or receive instruction, we recommend checking out the Shortland Waters Golf Club. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to assist players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans. Whether you’re looking to take lessons, join a club, or simply enjoy a round of golf with friends, the Shortland Waters Golf Club is an excellent choice.

To play golf, you will need a set of golf clubs, golf balls, and appropriate attire. Most golf courses have dress codes that require players to wear collared shirts, pants or shorts, and golf shoes. It is also recommended that players bring a glove, sunscreen, and a hat to protect themselves from the sun.

Before hitting the course, it is important to warm up properly. This can include stretching, hitting some balls at the driving range, or taking practice swings. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the course layout and any specific rules or regulations.

During play, golfers take turns hitting their ball until they reach the hole. The player who completes the hole with the fewest strokes wins that hole. At the end of the round, the player with the lowest overall score is the winner.

Finally, if you have any further questions about golf or need assistance, consider reaching out to a local golf club, such as the Shortland Waters Golf Club, for help.